JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman 

Chimp Portraits

Video - JoAnn GIllerman © 2018


Video (4:19 minutes)


Gentle, athletic and curious, Holly, 7 years old, is a sort of "Tom-Chimp".
She plays rough with the males, but stays close to the females.
Holly like electronics and enjoys watching herself on video.
Her first foray out into the yard was clutching Tammy.

A good sense of humor ...

Holly and Hugo
Hugo, a very large and agressive 300 lb. 14 years old chimp, is the alpha male of the group.
He sits under a tree resting back on the trunk. Holly, a small, agile, curious and dare-devilish
7 year old chimp climbs the same tree to position herself directly above Hugo.
Hanging from a tree branch is a long rope attached to a large heavy milk crate.
Holly easily pulls up the rope with attached milk crate as high as she can, then lets go,
dropping the full weight of the mike crate onto Hugo's head. Dazed, confused and
rubbing his head, Hugo looks around left, then right ... it never occurs to him to look up.
Clearly amused, Holly goes for round two. She, again, hoists up the rope as high as she can
and lets it drop again onto Hugs's head. And, again, Hugo looks right, then left all the while
scratching his head. It never once occurs to him to up at
Holly who is loudly laughing in the tree above.